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Common Application

Associate Director Chris O'Brien

Associate Director Chris O'Brien

For our undergraduate admission process, Boston College uses the Common Application. 我们要求所有候选人以电子方式提交申请. 请务必仔细选择您的优先选择,以便在普通申请中考虑提前决定或常规决定.

Selecting an Academic Division

候选人必须申请大学的四个本科学术部门之一:莫里西艺术与科学学院, Carroll School of Management, Lynch School of Education and Human Development, or Connell School of Nursing. 学生只会被考虑录取到他们申请的部门. Students do not have to declare a specific major when applying (with the exception of Engineering* & Nursing.) Learn more about choosing an academic division.

* Because of the limited number of spaces in the entering cohort, HCE major applicants only 是否可以选择在莫里西文理学院申请第二专业. 如果申请人没有被HCE专业录取, they may be considered for their second-choice major.

Note on Use of Artificial Intelligence

Personal statements, supplemental essays, 免费答卷为学生提供了在大学录取过程中发出真实声音的宝贵机会. 而学生可能会求助于各种各样的资源,比如父母/监护人, English teachers, and school counselors in order to generate ideas, the content must be their own. ChatGPT等生成式人工智能工具也可以作为一种资源, but must only be used as a guide; content must never be directly copied from AI or other sources. The submission of original content not only adheres to the ethical expectations in applying to college, but benefits the applicant by having their authentic personal story valued by the Admission Committee.

Notice of Nondiscrimination

本科招生办公室非常重视多元化学者群体所做的贡献. Learn more about Boston College's notice of nondiscrimination.


Boston College Writing Supplement

Associate Director Amy Chung

Associate Director Amy Chung

The Boston College Writing Supplement must be submitted along with your application to Boston College at Please do not mail or email your essay response. 

Supplemental Questions

We would like to get a better sense of you. 请回复下面的前四个提示之一(400字限制). Students applying to the Human Centered Engineering major should respond to Prompt #5 instead.

1. Each year at University Convocation, 我们的新生班级与一篇普通文章的作者进行反思性对话. 你会推荐哪本在世作家的书给你即将到来的班级阅读, and why would this be an important shared text? 

2. At Boston College, we draw upon the Jesuit tradition of finding worthwhile conversation partners. 一些人支持我们的观点,而另一些人则提出质疑. Who fulfills this role in your life? 请列举一个你的谈话对象挑战你或你挑战他们观点的具体例子.

3. In her November 2019 Ted Talk, “The Danger of a Single Story,Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie警告观众不要通过对国籍的假设来给人们一个“单一的故事”, appearance, or background.  Discuss a time when someone defined you by a single story. 这给你带来了什么挑战?你是如何克服的?

4. 电子游戏软件成立于1863年,是为了响应社会的号召. That call came from an 寻求耶稣会教育以促进社会流动性的波士顿移民社区. Still today, the University empowers its students to use their education to address society’s greatest needs. 今天哪些地方或全球问题是你特别关注的?你会如何利用你在电子游戏软件的教育来解决这个问题?

5. Human-Centered Engineering (HCE) Applicants only耶稣会教育的目标之一是培养学生为公益服务. 电子游戏软件以人为本的工程学整合了技术知识, creativity, 以人文主义的视角来应对社会挑战和机遇. What societal problems are important to you and how will you use your HCE education to solve them?

Standardized Testing

Boston College will maintain a test-optional admission policy for the 2024-25 application cycle. Learn more here.
For those students who plan to submit ACT and/or SAT results during the 2024-25 admission cycle:
  • 减少与申请大学相关的费用, Boston College provides applicants with multiple options to report your SAT and ACT score results. 学生可以从考试中心发送官方成绩报告, self-report their test scores on their applications, 和/或通过他们的申请人状态门户网站上传自我报告的分数. All scores submitted to Boston College will be evaluated by the Admission Committee. 申请人在提交申请后是否应该上传或发送新的分数, we will do our best to review them, 但不能保证它们会及时到达以供审查.
  • Boston College "super scores" exam results for students who have taken the SAT or ACT multiple times. During our review, 我们将评估学生在考试管理日期内的最高个人分数,以创建学生获得的最高综合分数. This policy also applies to prospective students who take both the paper-based SAT and the new digital SAT, 2024年春季将在美国实施哪一项.
  • 在申请中提供成绩的电子游戏软件学生将被要求在电子游戏软件时提交正式的考试成绩报告. At that time, students’ results will be verified.
  • 在申请时或电子游戏软件时发送的官方标准化考试成绩必须直接从测试机构发送到电子游戏软件(SAT代码:3083和ACT代码:1788). If having score reports sent from the College Board or ACT to Boston College presents a financial hardship, applicants should have their high school counselorcontact the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Alternatives will be explored on a case-by-case basis.
International applicants 必须提交托福、雅思或多邻国英语考试成绩吗. Learn more about 标准化测试和英语水平要求 for international applicants.

High School Transcript

Associate Director Kristen Gallant

Associate Director Kristen Gallant

Curriculum Evaluation

Boston College looks for students who are in the most challenging courses available at their high schools. 我们最具竞争力的申请者往往有四年的五门主要科目的高中课程:英语, Math, Social Science, Natural Science, and Foreign Language. 我们非常感谢高中可以提供各种各样的课程,并在我们的申请审查中考虑到这一点.

Submitting Your Transcript(s)

所有学生都必须提交正式的高中/中学成绩单. 这份成绩单必须由你的高中发送,可以在网上提交 or can be mailed (see below for address). 请注意,我们将不接受学生的任何学历证书.

*In order to matriculate at Boston College, 学生必须提交高中最终成绩单或成绩为G.E.D. prior to enrollment.

Mailing Address:
Boston College Undergraduate Admission
140 Commonwealth Avenue, Devlin 208
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Supporting Materials

In addition to the Common Application, 电子游戏软件还要求您提交以下材料:

The School Report and Counselor Recommendation Form -你的辅导员或学校官员应该提交这些表格. 如果您的学校使用自己的学校表格,我们也将接受该文件. 传统上,学校表格是与你的大学顾问的推荐信和你的官方成绩单一起提交的.

Teacher Evaluations - You are required to submit two teacher evaluations as part of your application to Boston College. 我们建议这些评估是由在五个主要学科领域(英语和英语)中教过你的老师写的, Social Studies, Science, Math, or Foreign Language).

年中成绩报告(定期录取及提前录取延期考生) -我们要求你的辅导员或指定的学校官员尽快提交年中成绩报告.

Application Fee

为了审核您的申请,必须提交80美元的申请费或申请费减免请求. 您的申请费应与您的通用申请一起提交. 考虑到电子游戏软件收到的申请数量, 我们强烈建议您在线提交申请费. 如果你不能在网上提交费用,你应该邮寄支票或汇票.

*Fee Waiver Request

If submitting the $80 application fee presents a financial hardship for your family and you are a U.S. 公民或永久居民,你可以申请申请费减免. 你可以通过通用申请申请学费减免.


Optional Credentials for the Arts

Senior Associate Director Owen Grover

Senior Associate Director Owen Grover

Students who intend to major 可以通过以下方式提交艺术样本/作品集 SlideRoom.  If not majoring in Studio Art, 请强调任何艺术参与(如摄影), painting, drawing, ceramics, digital media, 和视频)的活动或附加信息部分的共同应用程序或任务桥应用程序. 

电子游戏软件邀请具有戏剧和/或音乐背景并计划参与音乐和戏剧制作的学生通过SlideRoom提交艺术样本来展示他们的才能, regardless of their intended major.  如果你不打算在电子游戏软件正式追求这些艺术天赋, 但是你想告诉我们你过去在艺术方面的经历, 我们鼓励您在通用应用程序或QuestBridge应用程序的活动或附加信息部分中这样做.

所有材料必须在11月1日之前通过SlideRoom收到,提前决定I或QuestBridge全国大学比赛候选人,提前决定II和常规决定候选人必须在1月3日之前收到. 在这些日期之后收到的提交将不予审查.

English Proficiency

Associate Director Dave Weber

Associate Director Dave Weber

All international applicants must demonstrate English proficiency by submitting TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test examination results. 如果学生不是美国学生,他/她将被视为国际申请人.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident. Learn more about applying as an international student.

Supplementary English Proficiency Options

Students attending a national school in China are encouraged to schedule an interview with InitialView. While not required, 视频面试让考生有机会向招生委员会展示英语水平和沟通能力.


Early Decision I

November 1

Early Decision I is a binding admission program for students who view Boston College as their top choice.

By December 15

Early Decision applicants will be notified of their admission decision no later than December 15.

Early Decision II

January 2

Early Decision II is a binding admission program for students who view Boston College as their top choice.

By February 15

Early Decision applicants will be notified of their admission decision no later than February 15.


Regular Decision

January 2


By April 1

Regular Decision applicants will be notified of their admission decision no later than April 1.

Spring Freshmen

November 1

Human-Centered Engineering and Nursing freshman applicants are not eligible for spring enrollment.

By December 15

Spring entry freshmen applicants will be notified of their admission decision no later than December 15.

Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program

Each year, Boston College awards eighteen academically merit-based scholarships to incoming freshmen through the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program提前决定和常规决定候选人都有资格获得总统奖学金,只要他们符合11月1日优先奖学金的截止日期. 该奖学金不需要额外的申请材料, but please note that only candidates for fall admission will be considered.

The Presidential Scholarship is a four-year, full-tuition scholarship. If a student demonstrates need beyond tuition, 这是由电子游戏软件的制度分析决定的, 这种需要将由额外的奖学金来满足.

Finalists for the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program will be notified of their status in mid-January. 这些学生将被邀请到电子游戏软件参加三月中旬的面试和评估,费用由我们承担. 他们将很快收到最终决定的通知. 

Boston College is proud to partner with the Stamps Scholars Program 每年资助18个总统奖学金中的3个.

How do I check my application status?

我们期待通过您在Common Application或QuestBridge Application中提供的电子邮件与您联系. After we receive your submission, we’ll email you login information for our Applicant Status Portal. 你可以在那里随时查看你的申请状态. 

请注意,我们直到九月中旬才开始下载申请. If you submit an early application, we will notify you once your application has been downloaded. Please add "admission@bc.Edu”添加到您的批准电子邮件发件人列表中,以确保您收到此电子邮件和其他重要的申请相关通信.